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The Samsung Frame TV is a large display which fits into the size of a picture frame! When not in use, this TV will display art or photos instead of simply fading to a black screen. This creates a unique design for your interior, enabling you to have a 2-in-1.  Below you can find some of the Specifications of this TV.

Samsung Frame TV Specification and Features:
  • 55-inch and 65-inch variations of this are available to purchase.
  • The dimensions of the frame size are 68 cm x 121 cm (55-inch  and 80 cm x 142 cm (65-inch).
  • It has a 2GB ‘My Collection’ folder where you can upload your own images.
  • There is a Companion App where art, images and other things like colour settings, ambient light sensing, and making the TV display switch off when users leave the room, can be adjusted via Wi-Fi.
  • Samsung will also allow access to its Art Store for a one-off £14.99 fee or monthly £3.99 subscription. Currently, the Art Store contains 300 pieces.
  • There are 3 different types of bezel colours you can get; Walnut, Beige and White. You choose your bezel for free, however, to get a new one it will cost £199 each.

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