Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE Agreement with Nimble Storage

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has struck a deal for Nimble Storage in a $1.09 Billion deal. The addition of this adds all-flash and hybrid storage solutions to their arsenal. The flash-storage data solutions use memory chips that are faster than traditional hard disk-based storage. The deal expands HPE’s power in today’s storage market, as its growth is projected to increase by $5 Billion, to $20 Billion by 2020.

Founded in 2007 with an estimate of 1,300 employees, the company had agreed on $12.50 per outstanding share of Nimble. Furthermore, the approximate revenue of its recent fiscal year is $402 million, steadying an increase of 25% year over year.

The deal has shown HP’s strategic move to push into the Hybrid IT Infrastructure market. It has been noted since the other acquisition of Silicon Graphics which is dedicated to high-performance computing services such as servers, storage and data centre solutions. The company have notably also seen agreements with SimpliVity, Cloud Cruiser and Niara go ahead.

This deal enhances HPE’s strength in the market with other enterprise storage solution companies such as Dell EMC. The addition of Nimble Storage also means the company will get the customer base of over 10,000.  By combining Nimble’s Storage Technology and HPE’s Global distribution strength, it is creating many opportunities for enterprise companies to look towards Hybrid IT-Solutions.

How does this affect you?

As an HP Preferred partner, IT-Supplier is able to expand your possibilities in your Hybrid IT Solutions. The decision to cross-over to Hybrid-IT Solutions gives you flexible capacity, you will be able to scale your storage to changing business needs. We are able to help you chose the right product, and recommend what’s fit for you. Also, if you have any questions or need product recommendation, call the team on 0203 328 5655. In addition, you can read our blog about HPE Synergy.