Why buy a HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen8 i3-3240?

HPE Proliant Microserver Gen8 i3-3240 2.6GHz 2-core 1P 4GB-U SATA 1TB 200W PS Server/TV Center facing

You may ask yourself why you should by the HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen8If you are a small business then this innovative, small, and elegantly designed server would be the ideal solution for your needs. Since the HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen8 is simple to use and service, it enables small businesses to drive down their expenses by improving productivity, efficiency, and security.

HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen8 i3-3240 Specifications

The Specifications are what makes the  HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen8 truly outstanding and show how much value you are getting for the price you pay. Some of the highlights include:

  • Intel Core i3 (3rd Gen) 3240 / 3.4 GHz (Dual-Core) Processor
  • 3MB Processor cache
  • 16GB (Max) Memory
  • 4 GB (installed) / 16 GB (max) RAM
  • 1 TB – SATA 6Gb/s Hard Drive

(For the full list of the specification, click here.)

HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen8 i3-3240 Features

Below is a list of the stand-out features of the HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen8:

  • a one of a kind design with a blue  LED light bar which shows the health status of the system.
  • Continuous health monitoring which results in faster and more accurate problem solutions
  • Embedded remote management technology which reduces on-site server administration and travel expenses
  • Stackable wireless router and managed switch which creates a clean, elegant look for networking.

(For the full list of the features, click here.)

How to claim up to £1000 Cash Back?

To claim up to £1000 Cash Back for the HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen8, you will need to purchase a  qualifying HPE Windows Server Operating System. You will also need an invoice dated on or before 30/04/17 as a proof of purchase.  If you simply email us at “support@it-supplier.co.uk”   we will gladly send you the invoice. You then need to submit the invoice along with the claim form to HP.  (For more info, click here.)

Why buy from it-supplier.co.uk?

IT-Supplier.co.uk is among HP’s most trusted and qualified re-sellers of desktops and servers in the IT business. This is because we are a HP Preferred Partner so we are in the top 5% of re-sellers. This means that we are able to offer you Cash Back offers on a variety of HP products such as Desktops, Notebooks, and Servers. To see our trusted reviews by our Customers, click here.


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