All-new HPE Gen10 Server Families

HPE Gen10 Servers, find out more


The new HPE Gen10 Servers consist of the: HPE ProLiant DL, Apollo Systems, BladeSystem, Synergy and ConvergedSystem 500. Furthermore, these Servers offer reliability and are adaptable to the changes in IT.

HPE also gives you the ability to pay only for the resources that you use with the server.  This allows your business to scale the server to your needs without exponential costs that some companies face.

Below are the details of some different HPE Gen10 Servers.

HPE BladeSystem

Digital transformation requires data to be processed faster for all business challenges. The HPE BladeSystem provides flexibility and simplicity in this process while maintaining cost.

-See 83% reduction in VM deployment time using the HPE OneView

-Drastically increase delivery with 150% higher workload performance with HPE BladeSystem.

HPE Gen10 Servers, find out more

HPE Apollo Systems

The HPE Apollo family offers high performance and efficiency. They are rack-scale storage, networking, power and also cooling. This system provides a solution to analyse large amounts of data and also manage high-performance computing workloads.

-This system takes up 60% less space than a computing blade with 20% more performance for single-threaded applications.

-Advanced Power Manager provides power measurements from current time with power capping to reduce energy costs.

HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy is the world’s first platform architected for composable infrastructure. It is a new Hybrid IT engine that handles the high workloads and demands faced by different companies.

-Increase productivity and control across the data centre through a unified API.

-Work more efficiently by reducing operational cost and effort due to Software Defined Intelligence.

HPE Gen10 Servers, find out more


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