The New 2017 Nokia 6 Android Smartphone

The Nokia 6 is set for release in the US in early July as part of their many instalments to come. The new Android Smartphone is an ideal solution for a phone to get the job done on a small budget.

Nokia 6 Release Date, find more

Nokia 6 Release Date and Price
  • Nokia 6 release date begins in July 2017 beginning with the US first, sold by Amazon.
  • Also, price believed to be around $229, equivalent to £190.

The Nokia 6 price is around £190, therefore,  making it relatively affordable.  It has a premium feeling for its price, with an aluminium design, and also fingerprint scanning security.

Meanwhile, its large 5.5-inch Full HD bright and clear display comes in handy for video playback and Smartphone gaming.

Nokia 6 front and back look, find more

Nokia 6 Battery and Camera

It also comes with a non-removable 3000mAh battery. This should last a full day of general use from one charge but is not yet confirmed until release.

The back holds the 16MP camera which offers HDR and a dual-tone flash. In comparison, the front camera is 8MP and does the job when needed.

Other details

You’ll be able to get the standard Nokia 6 in different colours; Silver, Copper, Matte, Black and Tempered Blue, also, a glossy Arte Black Special Edition is available as well.

The internal memory is maximum 64GB with a 4GB RAM for the  Arte Black phone whilst the others have 32GB memory with 3GB RAM.

Nokia 6 colours available, find more


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As stated, the Nokia 6 is currently not available in the UK. We will keep you updated on our social media pages once it is in our store and available to you.

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