iPhone 8 Release Date and more

The iPhone 8 will become Apple’s new Smartphone as part of its 10-year anniversary since the first, set for September 2017. However, various reports claim this could be much later, while in limited quantity.

Only 3-4 million are believed to be shipped once released, meaning it will be difficult to get your hands on this. This blog will explain the rumoured iPhone 8 Release Date as well as the Specifications and more.

iPhone 8 Release Date, Specification and more on Apple's upcoming release @IT-Supplier.co.uk

Rumoured, not confirmed Specification:
  • 5.8-inch OLED edge-to-edge display.
  •  ‘All-glass’ construction as part of a new design.
  • Dimensions of 71x143x7.4mm.
  • Wireless charging support.
  • Apple A11 chip with iOS 11.
  • Rear-facing Touch ID sensor.
  • Face-scanning technology.
  •  Support for LTE speeds up to 450Mbps.

The screen is thought to feature technology that allows a fingerprint scanner under the screen rather than a rear-mounted sensor. This has been an issue with some Samsung phones with complaints from users.

The handset is also tipped to be a water resistant design that was introduced with the iPhone 7. However, this might be increased to a more watertight and waterproof construction.

iPhone 8 Speculated price:

The iPhone 7 Plus also looks to range from £700-£950 depending on storage and colour. However, the iPhone 8 will then reach the range of £900 plus due to the technology.


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