Z240 Workstation with Dual Storage and NVIDIA Quadro GraphicsZ240 Workstation with Dual Storage and NVIDIA Quadro Graphics

This HP Z240 Tower Workstation combines high performance with durability as a powerful desktop PC. It is HP’s most powerful and affordable desktop, as its reliability ensures a long-term budget friendly solution. The operating system by default is Windows 7 Professional, however, a license for Windows 10 Pro software is given as a choice of preference.

The Z240 will give you confidence that it can handle and control any of your complex workloads as well as maintain a high performance. Because of the HP Turbo Drive, it’s ideal for clients of any business as it is able to manage large files while reducing the work time and increasing performance at once.

Technical Details

  • It uses an Intel® Core™ i5-6500 processor with Intel HD Graphics. Therefore it will operate at 3.2Ghz up to 3.6Ghz (with Intel Turbo Boost.)
  • The system uses 8GB RAM which allows multiple programs to run at once and increase the speed of all your applications.
  • It operates with the highly recommended Intel HD Graphics 530 chip. This helps the processing in the desktop displays on the monitor while reducing the usage of memory on the RAM.

Check the HP Specification sheet for more information here.

Perfect For All Uses

It also features 4 USB  slots (2 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0), 1 Headphone port and 1 Microphone port; Perfect for business needs or general workstation use. In addition to this desktop, there is also an optional 3 Year Next Business Day Onsite Warranty. Therefore it is an easy solution in case of a technical fault where engineers can resolve the issue.

The Right Choice For You

This HP Z240 Workstation will be a perfect addition to any business office busy or even at a low intensity.  There are many online portals that a customer would be able to purchase this server. To find this as well as many other servers eligible for Cashback and more, visit http://it-supplier.co.uk/ for updated promotions and offers for you.