Ethereum Cryptocurrency Mining

The current popularity in Ethereum Cryptocurrency Mining continues as it leads to a shortage of Graphics Cards in the market. These have become harder to obtain as many are using them for this process of mining Ether.

This has become a problem for everyday consumers such as gamers wishing to upgrade their system for better performance.

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What is Ethereum Cryptocurrency Mining?

Ethereum is a public blockchain network that is distributed. The purpose of the Ethereum blockchain is to focus on running the code of any decentralised application (Dapp).

Through mining you get Ether. This is used to fuel the different networks as well by application developers to pay for transaction fees and services on an Ethereum network.

Also if everything is decentralised, all things occur using peer-to-peer networks and there would be no centralised entities.

What is good about Ethereum decentralised Platforms?

-No Downtime: Applications that run cannot go down and will not switch off.

-Safe and secure: Also, it is secure due to the Cryptography. The application is safe to combat hacking and fraudulent attacks.

-Corruption proof: Furthermore, the applications are based on a network formed by consensus. Therefore censorship is bot possible and any third parties cannot make any changed to the data.

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Where can you buy Graphics Cards?

They are listed on many websites and appear available to buy. However, due to fluctuation in the market, the cards are in constraint, and vendors suggest it will be back at the end of August.

This is the scenario at a majority of sellers, the IT-Supplier social media links are below where we will update the situation of stock in future.


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