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HPE ProLiant Gen10 – The new and world’s most secure server.

HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers HPE ProLiant Gen10 The HPE ProLiant Gen10 is the latest addition to the HPE server family…. Read More


Sony OLED A1 TV Features – Sony’s new product in the 2017 OLED range

Sony OLED A1 TV 4K Display This blog will look at the Sony OLED A1 TV Features as well as Specification…. Read More


HPE MSA 2040 Features-July HPE Cashback Offer

The HPE MSA 2040 Storage Arrays provide excellent service to customers seeking better performance to support initiatives such as consolidation… Read More


Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 edition, New Features and Upgraded Technology

Samsung Galaxy J5 new 2017 edition Samsung initially released the J5 back in 2016, as a budget friendly and manageable… Read More


Lenovo ThinkStation P410 Tower Workstation Offer

Workstation that fits any budget Lenovo Thinkstation P410 Offer The Lenovo ThinkStation P410 is the latest product on offer at… Read More


The Nokia 6 Release Date and the latest on the new Android Smartphone

The New 2017 Nokia 6 Android Smartphone The Nokia 6 is set for release in the US in early July… Read More


LG OLED Wallpaper TV- The new high-quality display that is just 2mm thin

LG’s new 65-inch OLED wallpaper TV The new LG OLED Wallpaper TV is the latest breathtaking display to hit the… Read More


iPhone 8 Release Date, Specification and more on Apple’s upcoming release

iPhone 8 Release Date and more The iPhone 8 will become Apple’s new Smartphone as part of its 10-year anniversary… Read More


Get The Ultimate Mobile Computing Experience with the MSI GS30 Shadow Notebook

MSI Gaming GS30 Shadow Notebook The slim and powerful GS30 Shadow is part of the G range from MSI. It… Read More


LG OLED55B6V Features- Premium Smart TV with colour and contrast perfection

LG OLED55B6V Features- The perfect platform for HDR The LG OLED55B6V is the cheapest in the OLED range, nonetheless, with… Read More